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Conestoga Condors Spring/Summer 2020 Intramural E-Sports 

Online Tournaments



E-Sports Has Arrived! Conestoga Recreation challenges you to participate in this brand-new intramural ESport series. We are committed to providing intramural activities virtually and are pursuing online gaming to keep all members of Conestoga College engaged through this difficult time. Who couldn’t use a good distraction right now?


Costs for Tournaments:  FREE!

Who can play?: Available to all current conestoga college recreation centre members


Tournament Session #1 - FIFA20 & Rocket League - June 1-12

Registration Dates:
     Opens: Tuesday May 19th, 2020 @ 7:00am EST
                                        Closes: Friday May 29th @ 12:00pm EST

Tournament Dates:     Starts: Monday June 1st, 2020
                                        Ends: Friday June 12th, 2020

Game 1: FIFA20 - PS4(Only)

Game 2: ROCKET LEAGUE - PS4(Only)


Tournament Session #2 - NHL20 & League of Legends - June 29-July 10

Registration Dates:
     Opens: Monday June 15th, 2020 @ 7:00am EST
                                        Closes: Friday June 26th @ 12:00pm EST

Tournament Dates:     Starts: Monday June 29th, 2020
                                        Ends: Friday July 10th, 2020

Game 1: NHL20 - PS4(Only)



Tournament Session #3 - NBA & Overwatch - July 27-Aug 7

Registration Dates:
     Opens: Monday July 13th, 2020 @ 7:00am EST
                                        Closes: Friday July 24th @ 12:00pm EST

Tournament Dates:     Starts: Monday July 27th, 2020
                                        Ends: Friday August 7th, 2020

Game 1: NBA - XBOX1 (Only)

Game 2: OVERWATCH - PS4 (Only)



1. All games are played 1 v 1 – no teams

2. All tournaments will last 2 weeks

3. All tournaments will be round robin

4. Each participant is free to choose any team/character to play within the game


How to Sign Up:

1. Go to and “Log in”, to the Recreation Portal

2. Click on the Intramural Icon

3. Click Register

4. Choose which League you would like to participate in

5. Create a team with your Gamer ID/Tag as your team name. This is mandatory as it will be how opponents find each other in the game

6. Each round of the tournament must be completed by the specified dates (TBD), to ensure the tournament moves on in an orderly fashion and finishes on time

7. Participants may play their matches at any mutually convenient time, provided matches are completed before the subsequent round begins

8. Standardized rules of game play will be posted on our website and will be sent to all registered participants during the registration process

9. Scores will be self-reported; any disputes will be investigated and resolved on a case by case basis


Prizes: Intramural Champion Package will be available for pick up from the Recreation Centre, once the building is back operational. The Recreation & Fitness Coordinator will be in contact with tournament winners.


For questions contact:

Ilana McEvoy - Recreation & Fitness Coordinator





Basketball  |  Dodgeball  |  Ice Hockey 

Indoor Soccer  |  Volleyball  |  Multi-Sport Dodgeball 

Multi-Sport Cricket  |  Multi-Sport Table Tennis  |  Multi-Sport Volleyball 



Participants must be Conestoga students who have a valid Athletics and Recreation membership. Register at the Student Recreation Center or online. All sports start the week of ---. Make sure to go to the Co-Curricular Portal to get recognition for being an Intramural Captain or an Intramural Participant!